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    Welcome to Qpopper, a POP3 server for most versions of UNIX

What is Qpopper?
Qpopper supports the widely used POP3 protocol for downloading Internet
e-mail used by many popular e-mail clients. Qopper does not include a
message transfer agent or SMTP support and normally works with standard
UNIX mail transfer agents such as sendmail or smail.

Installing and documentation
The file INSTALL gives detailed install instructions. If you want to get
started quickly, usually you can type "configure" to generate the Makefile
for your platform, and then type "make".

Detailed documentation is available the doc directory. In particular the
file doc/Release.Notes describes the changes from one version to the next.

Qpopper is the work of many individuals and organization around the world.
The original work was done at UC Berkeley and many have contributed since.
QUALCOMM now maintains and distributes qpopper. While we don't have an
accurate collection of the names of all, their contributions are appreciated.

Finding out more about Qpopper
The latest release of qpopper is available at QUALCOMM's ftp site,
<>.  You may also write to  We try to answer as much of the e-mail as possible,
but apologize in advance if we are unable to answer your request.  In
general all messages are read and taken as suggestions for future work.

An unofficial mailing list exists for qpopper users.  To subscribe, send
the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the body of an email message
to <>.  

Other QUALCOMM e-mail products
The Eudora Division of QUALCOMM has several e-mail products, some for free
and others that are sold.  These include the Eudora e-mail client for
Windows and Macintosh; and the Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS) for the 
Macintosh and the WorldMail server for Windows NT, which implement the POP,
IMAP, SMTP, LDAP and Ph protocols.  You can find out more about these
products by writing e-mail to or by visiting the
Eudora web site at <>.